About Elissa

I hold a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Washington and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Western Washington University.  I have over 14 years of experience working in community mental health, education, and hospital-based social work.

Although I work with men and women, I specialize in the area of women’s emotional health.  My years of working with families has given me an opportunity to be a part of the lives of many women and children as they transition through fertility, birth, parenting, school/work transitions, grief, loss, and a variety of medical conditions.  I have also had the privilege of working with families whose elderly loved ones are transitioning towards needing more care.

My first position in the mental health field was with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.  I strive to continue to incorporate this program’s values of social justice, simplicity, and community into both my practice and my personal life.  When not at work, I enjoy gardening, knitting, bike riding, and seeking out adventures with my husband and 2 boys.